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¿How it works?

  • First we validate your blog

    Our team will check your Blog; it must go through our quality control. We only work with a people who feel passion for their work

    Linkbuilding is made of writers, people who write by vocation, because they have things to say.

    Are you one of them? Fantastic, keep reading, you'll be interested.

  • We will give you
    a theme and timing

    You will decide what to write and where to put a link; it is YOUR ARTICLE and we want it to be a reflection of your personality.

    We will send our proposal, it will always be related to the theme of your blog because we want you to improve your job with us, we do not want to interfere in what and how you explain everything.

    If we work with you is because we like how you write.

    Now we get a little tough.

    We like people dutiful, the timings are sacred and we want you to have this as clear as us.

  • Delivery

    Our quality control team will give you the ok to your article if it meets our requirements.

  • Payment Method



Payment Method

  • Because we care for our Bloggers

    YOU are the first, we respect your work and that’s why we will never ask you to write what we want, that goes totally against our philosophy.

    We are interested in your work, we like interesting people who have interesting blogs.

    Are we in sync?

  • Because we like a well done job, just like as you

    We regularly review all blogs for to check that the quality is always excellent. What are we looking for?

    Interesting blogs, those who reflect the concerns of the person who writes it.

    We don’t care about the theme as long as what you write has been made with love.

    Blogs that are actualized regularly, no matter whether they do it once a day or a week... what we want is to see that there is continuity.

    Well linked, (you know, we don’t like the bad influences).

    With a little long lifetime. This gives us an idea of how serious you are and that for you this is not a caprice.

  • Because you are your boss

    You can decide how much you want to win, and schedule your working hours.

    You manage your time and your income.

    You can spend the time you want, whether you want to get extra income or you want to become a professional, we are ok with it; the only thing we ask is that you keep on writing with passion..

    Also if any of your posts have social impact (G+, Twitter ...) the revenue that you will get for the post may increase.

We are looking for WRITERS

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